~Five days with my husband home...bliss
~Clever aforesaid husband fixed heater...we have been without heat since June...not a big deal then, but it has been rather chilly lately. Wonderful to wake up to a house that is warmer than 60 degrees! Yay!
~Working on a costume for Lissie, we are upcycling a premade costume we got for a dollar at a garage sale...cute medieval costume. When we are done, it will be an awesome steampunk costume.
~God letting me be crafty as one of my talents...I can not imagine not knowing how to sew, paint, scrapbook, write, etc. Not bragging, just grateful.
~The picture of the pumpkin that someone created for the Birthing Center at the hospital. It is a pumpkin giving birth to a little one...gross and funny. Made me laugh.
~Spell check because I am 4o and still can not ever remember how to spell medieval. :-)


~Our funny little kitten. She is so silly and playful. Pumpkin is gentle with me, but fierce with everyone else. We think that she was a feral kitten that someone found and brought to the vet's. It is so interesting to see the difference with Myst. Pumpkin is a really good mom and it is interesting to see how much more playful and less wild Myst is. I am wearing my hoodie (still have resisted turning on the heat) and she likes to curl up inside it and sleep, kind of like a joey in a kangaroo pouch. loll

~I just read Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott again today. I love that story.

~Ice water. Sometimes we just don't realize that we are dehydrated. I am so glad that we have never had to be in either a famine or a drought that affects our drinking water.

~The little paper umbrellas that can be put in drinks. Lissie just gave me one that is white with black skulls on it. It is so cute, I have an idea......


~Watching Unwrapped on the computer with all of the kids piled in my bed. I like that they like to spend time together. The only problem was that it was hard for me to not fall asleep. :-)
~Listening to the testimonies today. I love that everybody that talked about Pres. Monson mentioned his sense of humour. I love that about him too. I can't keep a straight face when he starts laughing about something in his talks. I bet he was a mischievous little boy.
~Japanese pear apples. Don't know whose idea it was to pair the two, but it was genius.
~Modern technology that lets us put Shon on the speaker phone on my cell so that he can join us for family prayer.


~My good friend Kelli. I don't know what I would have done without her today.
~Being able to share books with my daughter.
~Watching Toby draw tonight. I love it when my kids are artistic.
~Made an mini album today and put gingerbread house pictures in it from 6 years ago...it was fun to go through the pictures of the kids.
~I learned how to make a robot icon in facebook. It wasn't actually the robot that made me so happy, (although it is fun) it was the fact that Alex taught it to me. Both my boys were over at their friends houses and were texting me once they saw I was on facebook. I love it that they want to talk to their mom.
This is actually for the 7th...time just got away from me tonight.

~Digital scrapbooking.  I am surprised how much I like it.  Plus, I can play with the computer from the comfort of my bed...no mess.  loll. I don't think it will ever replace paper crafts, but is does free me up to use the photos I love for paper crafts and keep everything else in digi format.
~Shon is happy as a clam camping at the Scout Rendezvous tonight.  Yuck better him than me.  It is supposed to get to 37 degrees tonight.  Could be why I am creaky.
~I love my bed.  I love having a heating pad for my feet (esp. with Shon gone) and my huge polar fleece blanket that I got at IKEA.  It is an awesome size and my favourite colour (gray). My bed is cozy.
~Scout dinner tonight, it was a fundraiser, so I was there working and the guest of honour was Billy Casper.  It was interesting to learn his history.


~Having kiddos old enough to help with dinner.  I helped Toby start baked Italian chicken, Joey made mashed potatoes and Liss cooked broccoli.  Alex cleaned the kitchen after dinner.  I couldn't stay for it because I had a Stake meeting tonight.  Stupid time for a meeting 6-7.
~Lipton's cup of soup and an apple for dinner for me tonight.  Simple but good.
~Shon is sleeping in an apartment and not a camp ground tonight.
~Joey had been having a ton of fun with spirit week.
~I like my kids.


~Finally some news on the roof so that we can move forward.
~The vinyl word Create on my laptop.  It makes me happy.
~I am reading an amazing book right now...I don't want it too end.
~Watching the kids get ready for the Homecoming parade.
~I stayed at Mutual tonight instead of just dropping the kids off and watched.  They played a round robin of games.  Everything from charades to Theatre games to catch phrase.  I liked seeing the kids interact.