~Five days with my husband home...bliss
~Clever aforesaid husband fixed heater...we have been without heat since June...not a big deal then, but it has been rather chilly lately. Wonderful to wake up to a house that is warmer than 60 degrees! Yay!
~Working on a costume for Lissie, we are upcycling a premade costume we got for a dollar at a garage sale...cute medieval costume. When we are done, it will be an awesome steampunk costume.
~God letting me be crafty as one of my talents...I can not imagine not knowing how to sew, paint, scrapbook, write, etc. Not bragging, just grateful.
~The picture of the pumpkin that someone created for the Birthing Center at the hospital. It is a pumpkin giving birth to a little one...gross and funny. Made me laugh.
~Spell check because I am 4o and still can not ever remember how to spell medieval. :-)

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